Ztech Consulting was founded by Dave Hogan. Dave spent 15 years working as an audio, video, and computer technician for animation studios and other media-related industries. During that time Dave observed two changes occurring in the industry. First, the market shifted from “in-house” to “outsourced” technical staffing. The second change Dave observed was that the technology available to the private sector greatly increased in sophistication while costs dropped dramatically.

“When I started working in animation in the late 1980s,” Dave explains, “the major studios were struggling to implement digital ink-and-paint and post-production systems. Today, people are doing that very same work at home on desktop computers with off-the-shelf software. The quality and sophistication of work being produced by independent artists is incredible.”

With what he calls “technological pragmatism”, Dave founded Ztech Consulting. The mission of Ztech is to provide high quality support and multimedia services to the small and home-based business owner at minimal cost.

Dave has worked on a number of feature and short-subject films and television projects. He holds professional certifications from Microsoft and The Computer Technology Industry Association.