Video Portfolio

– A preview of Dave Hogan’s work-in-progress documentary about Daniel Leen. Leen has lived a fascinating life “outside of the box” as a hobo, an archaeologist, a sailor, an author and an artist. The film will provide the audience with a glimpse of Leen’s freethinking philosophy.

NIVA TRO’S “CHEMISTRY: A MOLECULAR APPROACH” – This is one video of a series produced for Pearson Publishing. The series serves as a companion for a chemistry textbook. Dave Hogan produced the animated segments for the entire series using artwork either taken from the textbook itself, created in Photoshop, or drawn by an illustrator specifically for each scene. He also performed live-action editing and sound design.

“THE GREATEST THING SINCE…” – This is a comedy sketch on what an infomercial might have been like in the 1920s. Dave co-directed this short which was shot in front of a green screen, after which he composited in the kitchen “set”, added title cards and effects, and edited the final film.

“TWO CITIES” – This is a short documentary about Park City, Utah and its dual nature as a simultaneous mining ghost town and modern ski resort. It was commissioned by Another Language Performing Arts Company as part of their Ghost Town project. Written, directed and edited by Dave Hogan, “Two Cities” was produced under the banner of Boxelder Films.

CLIP FROM “HUMBLE PIE” – This is a clip from an animated short film for which Dave did all post production including editing, sound design, AfterEffects and voice work. It has now played in festivals around the world. It is over 3 minutes long, but we can only show a sample of it because it is still playing in film festivals.